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SOHO Asakusa: You'll be very pleased with SOHO Asakusa, our newest hotel property, conveniently located within walking distance of several popular tourist sites, and with easy access to major subway and train lines. <Learn more...>
Room Rates: Our room rates are consistently the best bargain for weekly hotel stays in the Tokyo area. <Learn more...>
Reservations: Use our easy on line form to reserve the best room for your stay in Tokyo. <Learn more...>
Local Attractions: Tokyo is full of things to do and great places to see. Use our hotel as your base of operations for a memorable Tokyo experience. <Learn more...>
Location/Access: SOHO Asakusa is conveniently located within easy walking distance of major train and subway lines. <Learn more...>
Staff and Services:  Our expert staff specializes in providing accommodations to the foreign community in Japan. Many of our staff members are fluent in English, Estonian, Japanese, and other languages. <Learn more....>
Useful Links: Want to know how to get around in Tokyo, find medical care and services, locate restaurant guides or English language books, or find a job? <Learn more....>

Soho Asakusa is conveniently located with easy access to all the popular areas around Tokyo. It's only a few minutes from the Hibiya Subway line with connections to Ueno, Akihabara, Roppongi, and Shibuya.

SOHO Asakusa Attractions

Or use the JR train system at nearby Uguisudani station to travel anywhere around Tokyo, or even Japan.

SOHO Asakusa Map

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SOHO Asakusa

4-28-11 Senzoku, Taito-ku
Tokyo, Japan

Phone: 03-3873-2389
Fax: 03-3265-6306
e-Mail: info@tokyorent.com
Internet: http://www.tokyo-weekly-hotel.com

Soho Asakusa - Google map

Longer Stays: If you're looking for an apartment on a monthly or longer term basis, than one of our sister companies will be glad to assist you. Their international staff is fluent in English, Estonian, Japanese, and many other languages. Tokyo Apartment & Office CenterTokyo Apartment & Office Center owns and operates a large number of monthly apartments throughout the Tokyo Metropolitan area. Tokyo Rent - Affordable apartments in the Tokyo areaTokyo Rent has been one of the leading providers of affordable housing and apartments to the foreign community in Japan for over a decade.  
Both Tokyo Rent and Tokyo Apartment & Office Center do not require key money or agents fees. Typically no guarantor is required, and security deposits are refundable. All of their apartments are modern and designed with the needs and preferences of foreigners in mind.

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